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With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the perfect costume to wow your friends and family. If you're a fan of horror movies and want to channel your inner spooky spirit, why not consider dressing up as Wendy from "The Shining"? This iconic character, portrayed by Shelley Duvall in the 1980 film adaptation of Stephen King's novel, is instantly recognizable and sure to make a statement at any Halloween party. In this article, we'll explore the elements that make up a convincing Wendy costume, from her signature hairstyle to her distinctive clothing choices. Let's dive in and bring this chilling character to life!

The Hair

Wendy's Classic Updo

One of the most defining features of Wendy's character is her hairstyle. To truly capture her essence, start by recreating her classic updo. Begin by parting your hair down the middle and securing it into two low ponytails at the nape of your neck. Twist each ponytail tightly and wrap them around each other, securing with bobby pins. This will create a twisted bun at the back of your head, reminiscent of Wendy's iconic style.

The Flyaways

For an authentic touch, don't forget to add some flyaways to your updo. Wendy's hair is famously disheveled throughout the film, so embrace the messy look by gently pulling out a few strands of hair from the bun. Use a small amount of hairspray or texturizing spray to add some extra volume and create a lived-in appearance.

The Makeup

Subtle and Natural

Wendy's makeup in "The Shining" is minimalistic and natural. To achieve this look, start with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone. Use a peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks for a subtle flush of color. Keep the eye makeup simple with neutral shades and a few coats of mascara to enhance your lashes. Finish off with a nude lipstick or lip gloss for a natural lip color.

The Fearful Expression

To truly embody Wendy's character, practice her fearful expression in the mirror. Throughout the film, Wendy's wide-eyed and panicked expression is a constant presence. Try to recreate this look by widening your eyes slightly and slightly parting your lips. This will add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume and capture Wendy's constant state of anxiety.

The Clothing

The Blue Dress

Wendy is often seen wearing a light blue, knee-length dress in the film. Look for a similar style dress in a light blue shade to emulate her iconic look. Opt for a dress with a high neckline and short sleeves, as this is the most accurate representation of Wendy's costume. If you can't find an exact match, don't worry – any knee-length dress in a similar color will work just fine.

The Cardigan

Layering is key to achieving Wendy's costume. Pair your blue dress with a chunky, oversized cardigan in a neutral color such as beige or light gray. Look for a cardigan with a slightly worn or distressed appearance to match the overall aesthetic of the character. Button it up halfway to mimic Wendy's style and add an extra layer of warmth to your costume.

The Accessories

To complete your Wendy costume, don't forget the accessories. Wendy is often seen wearing a thin belt around her waist, so be sure to add this detail to your outfit. Opt for a brown or black belt with a simple design to keep the focus on the dress. Add a pair of comfortable, low-heeled shoes in a neutral color to match the overall look. Finally, carry a small tote bag or purse with you to store any essentials you may need throughout the night.

The Attitude

Channeling Wendy's Vulnerability

While the physical elements of the costume are important, it's equally crucial to embody Wendy's vulnerable nature and meek demeanor. Throughout the film, Wendy is often portrayed as fearful and submissive, so try to channel these emotions while in character. Walk with a slightly hunched posture, speak softly, and be cautious in your movements. This will help you truly become Wendy from "The Shining" and bring the character to life.

Embracing Wendy's Determination

Despite her vulnerability, Wendy also displays moments of determination and strength throughout the film. Embrace these traits and showcase them in your costume. Hold your head high, speak with conviction when necessary, and display a sense of resilience. This will add depth to your portrayal of Wendy and make your costume even more impactful.

The Final Touches

The Axe Prop

No Wendy from "The Shining" costume would be complete without a prop to truly capture the haunting essence of the character. Consider carrying a toy or foam axe with you as a nod to Wendy's infamous encounter with Jack and his axe. This will instantly make your costume more recognizable and create a chilling impact.

The Ghostly Stare

For an extra spooky touch, practice Wendy's ghostly stare. In several scenes of the film, Wendy is shown with a blank, almost trance-like expression. Try to recreate this by focusing your gaze slightly past people or objects, as if you're looking into the distance. This will add an eerie quality to your costume and give off a chilling vibe.


By following these tips and paying attention to the details, you'll be able to create a convincing Wendy from "The Shining" costume that will surely impress everyone this Halloween. From the hairstyle to the clothing choices and even the attitude, embodying this iconic character is all about capturing her essence and bringing her to life. So, get ready to shine a spotlight on your spooky side and have a hauntingly good time!

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