55 Calm Down Corner Printables

Use this calm down kit to create a calm down corner in a classroom. Emotions Preschool, Emotions
Use this calm down kit to create a calm down corner in a classroom. Emotions Preschool, Emotions from www.pinterest.com

Calm Down Corner Printables


Creating a calm and soothing environment for children is essential in promoting their emotional well-being. One effective tool that can be used is a calm down corner. This designated space allows children to take a break, regulate their emotions, and practice self-soothing techniques. To enhance the effectiveness of a calm down corner, incorporating printables can be incredibly helpful. In this article, we will explore the benefits of calm down corner printables and provide you with a variety of options to choose from.

The Benefits of Calm Down Corner Printables

1. Visual Cues: Calm down corner printables often include visual cues that help children understand and recognize their emotions. These visual aids can include emotion faces, calming strategies, and breathing exercises. By having these visuals readily available, children can easily identify their emotions and select appropriate coping mechanisms to regulate them.

2. Language Development: Printables in the calm down corner can also aid in language development. The use of words and phrases associated with emotions and self-regulation can help children expand their vocabulary and develop a deeper understanding of their own feelings. This, in turn, promotes effective communication and expression of emotions.

3. Independence and Empowerment: When children have access to printable resources in their calm down corner, they feel empowered to take control of their emotions and manage them independently. These resources serve as a reminder of the strategies they can utilize, giving them a sense of ownership over their emotional well-being.

4. Consistency: Printables provide a consistent visual representation of strategies and emotions. This consistency helps children build a routine and reinforces their understanding of self-regulation techniques. By having the same visuals available each time they visit the calm down corner, children can develop a sense of familiarity and comfort, which can further enhance the effectiveness of the space.

Popular Calm Down Corner Printables

1. Emotion Faces

Emotion faces printables are a great way to help children identify and express their emotions. These printables typically feature a range of facial expressions, each representing a different emotion. By pointing to the face that matches how they feel, children can communicate their emotions effectively. This can be especially helpful for younger children who may not have developed the vocabulary to express their emotions verbally.

2. Coping Strategies

Printables that outline various coping strategies can empower children to choose strategies that work best for them in times of distress. These printables can include options such as deep breathing exercises, counting to ten, or engaging in a calming activity like reading or drawing. By having a visual reminder of these strategies, children can easily access and implement them when needed.

3. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are a powerful tool for self-regulation. Calm down corner printables can include step-by-step guides on different breathing techniques, such as belly breathing or square breathing. These visual guides provide a tangible resource for children to follow and practice whenever they need to calm themselves down.

4. Feelings Chart

A feelings chart is a printable resource that displays a variety of emotions along with corresponding descriptions. This chart can help children identify and label their emotions, fostering emotional intelligence and self-awareness. By referring to the feelings chart, children can better understand their emotions and communicate them effectively.

5. Mindfulness Activities

Printables that feature mindfulness activities can be a valuable addition to a calm down corner. These activities can include coloring sheets, mindful breathing exercises, or guided visualization scripts. Engaging in mindfulness practices can help children focus their attention, reduce stress, and promote a sense of calmness and relaxation.

6. Calming Affirmations

Calming affirmations are positive statements that children can repeat to themselves to promote self-soothing and positive thinking. Calm down corner printables can feature a list of affirmations that children can choose from. When feeling overwhelmed, children can select an affirmation and repeat it to themselves to shift their mindset and regain a sense of calm.

7. Progress Trackers

Progress trackers can be incorporated into calm down corner printables to help children track their emotions and the effectiveness of their self-regulation strategies over time. These trackers can take the form of charts or graphs that allow children to visually represent their progress and identify patterns in their emotional well-being.


Calm down corner printables offer a multitude of benefits for promoting emotional well-being in children. By providing visual cues, aiding language development, fostering independence, and promoting consistency, these printables enhance the effectiveness of a calm down corner. Whether it's emotion faces, coping strategies, breathing exercises, feelings charts, mindfulness activities, calming affirmations, or progress trackers, incorporating these printables can create a nurturing and empowering space for children to regulate their emotions and develop essential self-regulation skills.

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