55 Girl Scout Cookie Booth Bingo

While you’re picking up your favorite cookies at a Girl Scout cookie booth, take this bingo card
While you’re picking up your favorite cookies at a Girl Scout cookie booth, take this bingo card from www.pinterest.com

Girl Scout Cookie Booth Bingo


Girl Scout Cookie season is a time of excitement and anticipation for both girls and cookie lovers alike. From Thin Mints to Samoas, these irresistible treats are not only delicious but also support an incredible organization. To make the cookie-selling experience even more fun and engaging, many troops have started incorporating a game called "Cookie Booth Bingo" into their sales strategies. In this article, we will explore what Cookie Booth Bingo is, how it works, and why it's a fantastic addition to any Girl Scout cookie booth.

What is Cookie Booth Bingo?

Cookie Booth Bingo is a game designed to enhance the cookie booth experience for both the girls selling cookies and the customers visiting the booth. It adds an element of fun and friendly competition while promoting teamwork and goal-setting. The game involves creating a bingo card with various tasks or challenges related to selling Girl Scout cookies. As the girls complete these tasks, they mark them off on their bingo card to achieve a bingo.

How Does It Work?

Cookie Booth Bingo can be customized to fit the specific goals and needs of each troop. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and play the game:

Step 1: Create Bingo Cards

Each girl participating in the game receives a bingo card with a grid of tasks or challenges. These tasks can include actions like selling a certain number of boxes, engaging customers in conversation, or suggesting a specific cookie flavor.

Step 2: Set Goals

Prior to starting the game, the troop leader sets goals for the girls to achieve during their cookie booth sales. These goals can be based on the number of boxes sold, customer interactions, or even earning badges. The goals should challenge the girls but also be attainable with effort.

Step 3: Start Selling

The girls set up their cookie booth and begin selling cookies to customers. As they complete the tasks on their bingo card, they mark them off to create a winning pattern, just like in traditional bingo.

Step 4: Celebrate Achievements

When a girl achieves a bingo or completes a certain number of tasks, the troop leader can recognize and celebrate their accomplishments. This can be done through small rewards, such as badges or certificates, to motivate and encourage the girls.

Why is Cookie Booth Bingo Beneficial?

Cookie Booth Bingo offers numerous benefits for both the girls and the customers:

1. Engagement and Motivation

The game adds excitement and motivation for the girls as they strive to complete tasks and achieve a bingo. It keeps them engaged throughout the cookie booth sales, making the experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

2. Teamwork and Collaboration

Cookie Booth Bingo encourages teamwork and collaboration among the girls. They can support and help each other complete tasks, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity within the troop.

3. Goal-Setting and Achievement

Setting goals and working towards them is a valuable skill for girls to learn. Cookie Booth Bingo allows them to set individual and group goals, providing a sense of accomplishment when they achieve them.

4. Customer Interaction

The game prompts the girls to interact with customers in a more meaningful way. By completing tasks like engaging in conversation or suggesting cookie flavors, they develop valuable communication and sales skills.

5. Increased Sales

With the added engagement and motivation, Cookie Booth Bingo has been shown to increase cookie sales. Customers are more likely to support the girls when they see their enthusiasm and dedication.

Tips for a Successful Cookie Booth Bingo

To ensure a successful Cookie Booth Bingo experience, consider the following tips:

1. Customize the Bingo Cards

Tailor the tasks on the bingo cards to suit the age group and abilities of the girls. This will make the game more challenging yet achievable for everyone.

2. Provide Incentives

Offer small rewards or incentives for achieving bingos or completing a certain number of tasks. This will keep the girls motivated and excited throughout the cookie booth sales.

3. Promote Friendly Competition

Encourage friendly competition among the girls by displaying a leaderboard or chart to track their progress. This can add an extra level of excitement and encourage them to strive for excellence.

4. Communicate the Purpose

Explain to the girls and customers the purpose of Cookie Booth Bingo and how it benefits everyone involved. This will increase buy-in and enthusiasm for the game.

5. Share Success Stories

Share success stories from previous years to inspire the girls and show them the potential rewards of participating in Cookie Booth Bingo. This can motivate them to work towards their goals.


Girl Scout Cookie Booth Bingo is a fantastic addition to any cookie booth sales strategy. It adds a fun and engaging element to the experience while promoting teamwork, goal-setting, and customer interaction. By incorporating this game into cookie season, Girl Scouts can not only enhance their sales but also develop valuable skills that will benefit them in the future. So, the next time you visit a Girl Scout cookie booth, be prepared to join in the excitement of Cookie Booth Bingo!

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