35 Awkward 80s Couple Photos

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Awkward 80s Couple Photos


The 1980s was a decade known for its vibrant fashion, bold hairstyles, and unique trends. Looking back at old photographs from this era, it's hard not to notice the awkwardness that often accompanies 80s couple photos. From cheesy poses to questionable fashion choices, these snapshots perfectly capture the essence of the time. In this article, we'll explore some of the most cringe-worthy and amusing 80s couple photos, shedding light on the popular trends and cultural influences of the decade.

1. Matching Outfits

One of the most iconic features of 80s couple photos is the tendency to wear matching outfits. Whether it was coordinating colors, patterns, or even full-on matching ensembles, couples in the 80s went all out to show their unity through fashion. From his-and-hers denim jackets to matching tracksuits, these outfits may have seemed adorable at the time, but now they make for some truly awkward photos.

2. Big Hair, Don't Care

Another prominent feature of 80s couple photos is the abundance of big hair. Both men and women embraced voluminous hairstyles, with women often sporting teased and sprayed hair that reached impressive heights. Men, on the other hand, often rocked mullets or heavily styled hairdos with copious amounts of hairspray. These hairstyles, while trendy at the time, can now be seen as comically exaggerated.

3. Awkward Poses

It seems that couples in the 80s were fond of awkward poses that aimed to capture their love and affection. From cradling each other's faces to striking dramatic poses against cheesy backdrops, these couples were not afraid to express their affection in front of the camera. While endearing in their own way, these poses can now be seen as a product of the times.

4. Excessive Use of Props

When it came to 80s couple photos, props were often employed to add an extra touch of whimsy. These props ranged from oversized sunglasses and feather boas to giant teddy bears and even fake mustaches. While these props may have seemed fun and playful at the time, they now contribute to the overall awkwardness of these nostalgic photographs.

5. Power Couples

The 1980s was also a time when power couples were idolized and celebrated. Couples such as Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Madonna and Sean Penn, and Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers were omnipresent in the media. As a result, many couples tried to emulate the style and glamour of these famous duos, often resulting in unintentionally awkward photos that now serve as a reminder of the era.

6. Bright Colors and Bold Prints

The fashion of the 80s was characterized by its boldness, with bright colors and bold prints dominating the scene. In couple photos, this often meant both partners donning vibrant and clashing patterns, creating a visually overwhelming effect. Looking back, these fashion choices can be seen as a prime example of the 80s' penchant for excess.

7. Tacky Backgrounds

When it comes to awkward couple photos from the 80s, the backgrounds often play a significant role. From garish wallpaper to cheesy studio backdrops, these settings only add to the overall awkwardness of the photographs. Whether it was a faux garden scene or a neon-lit backdrop, these backgrounds reflect the taste and style of the time.

8. Over-The-Top Accessories

Accessories were an essential part of 80s fashion, and couple photos were no exception. From oversized shoulder pads and statement jewelry to neon-colored fanny packs and matching visors, couples in the 80s went all out when it came to accessorizing. While these elements may have been considered fashionable back then, they now contribute to the cringe-worthy charm of these photos.

9. Awkward Hand Placement

In many 80s couple photos, hand placement can be a source of awkwardness. Whether it's a hand gently resting on a partner's shoulder or a tight grip around the waist, these poses often come across as stiff or forced. Looking back, it's clear that couples in the 80s were not shy about showcasing their physical connection, even if it resulted in slightly uncomfortable-looking photos.

10. Cheesy Expressions

Expressions captured in 80s couple photos often fall into the category of cheesy. From forced smiles to exaggerated laughter, these couples aimed to convey their happiness and love for each other. However, with the passage of time, these expressions can now appear overly theatrical and cringe-worthy.

11. Retro Background Music

When scrolling through 80s couple photos, it's easy to imagine the soundtrack that might accompany them. The 80s was a decade known for its iconic music, and many couples likely had their favorite tunes playing in the background during their photoshoots. Whether it was the smooth sounds of Lionel Richie or the energetic beats of Madonna, the music of the time adds another layer of nostalgia to these awkward snapshots.

12. The Influence of Pop Culture

Pop culture heavily influenced the fashion and style of the 80s, and couple photos were no exception. From movie-inspired costumes and poses to emulating the looks of their favorite celebrities, couples often tried to incorporate elements of the pop culture of the time into their photographs. These attempts, while well-intentioned, can now be seen as rather awkward and outdated.

13. The "Prom" Aesthetic

Many 80s couple photos evoke the spirit of prom night. The prom aesthetic, characterized by formal attire, corsages, and dramatic poses, is a recurring theme in these awkward photographs. While these couples may not have been attending an actual prom, they embraced the glitz and glamour associated with the event, resulting in memorable yet cringe-worthy photos.

14. Inevitable Fashion Mistakes

Looking back at 80s couple photos, it's impossible not to notice some of the fashion mistakes made during the decade. From shoulder pads that resemble football gear to acid-washed jeans and leg warmers, these fashion choices now seem outrageous and out of touch. However, they serve as a reminder of the experimental and daring nature of 80s fashion.

15. The Era of Romance

Despite the awkwardness often associated with 80s couple photos, they also reflect a sense of romance and nostalgia. The photographs capture a unique moment in time when couples expressed their love and connection in a distinctively 80s way. While the fashion choices and poses may seem strange to us now, they were a genuine reflection of the times.

16. Laughing at Ourselves

As we look back at these awkward 80s couple photos, it's important to approach them with a sense of humor and lightheartedness. By embracing the cringe-worthy moments and laughing at ourselves, we can appreciate the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the past. These photos serve as a reminder that fashion and trends are ever-evolving, and what may seem cool or stylish now might be considered awkward in the future.

17. Cherishing Memories

Despite their awkwardness, 80s couple photos hold a special place in the hearts of those who took them. They capture a specific time and place in the lives of these couples, representing memories and experiences that are treasured to this day. While we may chuckle at the fashion choices and poses, it's important to remember the sentimental value these photographs hold for the individuals in them.

18. Documenting Cultural Shifts

Awkward 80s couple photos not only reflect the fashion and style of the decade, but they also document cultural shifts and societal norms. From the rise of power couples to the influence of pop culture, these photographs offer a glimpse into the values and aspirations of the time. They serve as a historical record, reminding us of the changes that occurred during the 80s.

19. Lessons for the Future

As we reflect on the awkwardness of 80s couple photos, we can learn valuable lessons for the future. They remind us not to take ourselves too seriously and to embrace our own unique style, even if it may seem awkward or unconventional. These photographs encourage us to be bold, to express our love and affection in our own way, and to create memories that we can look back on with both amusement and fondness.

20. Embracing Nostalgia

Ultimately, the awkwardness of 80s couple photos is an integral part of their charm. They transport us back to a time filled with vibrant fashion, iconic music, and a sense of optimism. By embracing nostalgia and appreciating the quirks of the past, we can find joy and nostalgia in these awkward snapshots, celebrating the unique spirit of the 80s.


Awkward 80s couple photos are a testament to the fashion, style, and cultural influences of the decade. From matching outfits and big hair to cheesy poses and props, these snapshots capture a time when excess and individual

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